Brenda Sutton Mader


Teaching Experience

Brenda the Potter

20 years experience teaching pottery; a wonderful use of hands, eyes, mind, and body. Biography

Clay responds to every touch and can be transformed into almost anything; your imagination is your limitation. 

I have enjoyed the diversity of clay, from low fire, smoke fire, and raku. Midrange functional ware and most recently high fire wood burning are the areas of my focus at the moment.

My work is mainly wheel thrown and hand built sections, elegantly combined to provide each piece with balance, form, and function. I work with cone 6 and 10 stoneware clay and cone 10 porcelain.

The glazing and firing of each piece is very important. Glaze fired in an electric kiln gives my functional ware their deep blues with hints of green and gold. I also fire both functional ware and decorative pieces in a wood burning kiln to cone 10-11, rediscovering celadons and shinos of the old masters. My relief and carved decoration lends itself well to both types of firing. I started teaching 20 years ago at a local elementary school. Currently, I teach in three community centers and give classes to both children and adults, sharing my passion of working with clay.
Teaching for me is a way to give back, building the next generation of ceramists. I want my students to be as enthusiastic about clay as I am.